FileMaker Summary Report

When you have a list of hundreds or even thousands of data. It’s very difficult for the human eye to make sense out of it.

In FileMaker, you can help user view information with better clarity by grouping similar category of data together with a sub-summary layout part.

The before and after result will look something like this:

How to create a Sub-summary

Creating a sub-summary layout part is easy. Let’s say you want to group your data by the Month. So “Month” will be our sorting field.

Here is the step by step.

  1. Go to Layout Mode
  2. Click onto the top menu Layout > Part Setup
  3. Create a new part, select “Sub-summary”
  4. Select your sorting field, in our example it’s Month

And that’s basically it!

Its also important to note there are 2 conditions your layout need to meet for the sub-summary part to work properly.

  • First, your layout needs to be viewed in “list view” or “table view” where you can see multiple records at the same time, otherwise there is not much point for grouping if you are only going to look at 1 record at a time.
  • Second, your records need to be sorted by the sorting field that you selected during layout part setup. In our example, it needs to be sorted by “Month”. If your record is not sorted by that field, the sub summary field will not show up.

And that is the basic idea of how to use sub-summary layout part to group data by the field you selected. If you want to learn more, check my Youtube tutorial on the top of the page!