Quick Start Your FileMaker Learning

A free, 3 days mini course to learn the foundation features of FileMaker

2 Hours Video

Sample Files

Beginner Friendly

New to FileMaker and not sure where to start?

FileMaker is a great data automation software, but getting started can feel difficult.

A lot of beginners dive in learning without a clear direction. And most end up running in circles for weeks, trying different features, without really able to get it to go anywhere.

That's because they don't have the right "knowledge foundation"

No matter if you are using FileMaker version 9 or 19. Certain feature within FileMaker had always been the core bread and butter of the platform.

If you can master these knowledge first, everything else that you learn in FileMaker will fit nicely into this knowledge foundation.

What is this course?

This 3-day mini course will give you a quick tour of what you want to learn first in FileMaker.

The course contains 2 hours of video tutorial, along with sample files to walk you through the 3 most important areas that will help you learn FileMaker faster:

Once you have a basic understanding of these core areas, everything else you learn in FileMaker will become much easier to absorb.

The Environment

We will get started by giving you a quick tour of the core user interface of FileMaker that you will use in all your projects. You are going to learn how to create table, organise your layout, setup fields and object.

Database Relationship

We will learn the concept of relational database, and how to use it store related data. Through the process we are going to learn important tools like portal and relationship diagram.

Scripting Automation

We are going to learn about the most important feature in FileMaker, scripting. We are going to go through the basics and show you a very common technique used in many projects

Who is this for?

This mini course is for you if you are...

Fresh Starter

You are a total beginner who is looking to get started with this software.

Long Time Beginner

You own this software for some time now but never really understand it enough to make it work

Who am I?

And why is this course free?

Hi! My name is Sunny Chu. I am a professional FileMaker Developer since 2014. When I am not developing database for client, I run a YouTube channel called "FileMaker Beginner", that gained 9000+ subscribers teaching beginners how to use FileMaker and automate workflow.

Why is this free?

First off, the content within this course is no trade secrets, it’s freely available if you start searching on Google. I am just organising the knowledge to make it easier for you to consume.

Second, the mini course contains a few instances of promotion to my FileMaker Power User training. So you can look at this free mini course like a trial version to my paid product.