FileMaker 1-on-1 Consulting with Sunny

$110 / Hour

Need some extra help with your FileMaker project? How about a one to one FileMaker training / consultation session via Zoom?

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You might have an idea for an FileMaker App, but as a beginner, the lack of experience usually creates a lot of doubt and frustrations...

  • Is my idea do-able in FileMaker?
  • What is the best approach to start building?
  • Is my current relationship structure correct?

Often times these questions have long term consequences that beginners might not be fully aware of. And if they made the wrong decision in a critical area, they might find themselves back-tracking a lot of their effort further down the line.

In the consultation sessions. I can listen and understand your situation, and provide you with tailor made, step by step actionable advise on how to best approach your project. So you can be rest assured that you are kickstarting your project the right way.



In almost anything, the best way to learn is a 3 step cycle…

  • Observing someone with more experience.
  • Imitating what they do, and try it yourself.
  • Getting feedback on how you did, and what you can adjust to do better.

But for most business user, they simply don’t have the luxury of having a FileMaker expert in their office that they can learn from.

In the consultation session, we will leverage the power of Zoom screen-sharing, where we can work on the your project together in real time, in the same screen.

You will be able to observe how a FileMaker developer solves problem, try the method yourself and get instant feedback. So that you can skyrocket your skill in a very short time, all while creating a database that you can use in your business.