Custom Software Development

Looking for a professional to turn your idea into a FileMaker app? I offer FileMaker development service tailored to your needs, and here are my areas of expertise...


Develop custom FileMaker databases base on your business needs

Server Setup

Setup FileMaker server using FileMaker Cloud or AWS hosting

API Connection

Connect FileMaker database to other web services (e.g. Gmail, Quickbook, Twillio)

Let’s talk!

Schedule a free discovery 30 minuts call to discuss your project and get a quotation.


The Process

Here is how the development process works.

Step 1 - Discuss your requirement

The first step is to schedule a free discovery call to discuss your project. After understanding the requirement, I will provide a quotation for the job.

Step 2 - In-depth study

If you accept the quotation and proceed with the project, I will go on to study more about your business process. I will be examining your existing workflow, documents involved in the process, and also talk with key users of the to be created system.

Step 3 - Design wireframe

The next step is to create a "wireframe", industry term for "a drawing of the user interfaces without functionality". The purpose of the wireframe is to solidify vague ideas into a tangible, visible blueprint. So the end-user can verify early on if the project is heading in the right direction.

Step 4 - Coding & development

When the wireframe is approved. We will proceed to go through the cycle of code development -> testing -> present to user -> get feedback -> adjust. Until we reach the final product.