FileMaker Tutorial for Beginners

What is FM Beginner?

FM Beginner is a website dedicated to teaching beginners with no coding experience how to build FileMaker databases and automate workflow.

Being a beginner not so long ago, I understand from experience how difficult it is to find beginner-friendly learning resources. Tutorials back then were mostly made by experts of 20+ years who had forgotten how it feels to be a beginner. Many of them either go too fast, skipping crucial steps, or they tend to explain things with complex technical jargon.

The goal of FM Beginner is to create FileMaker tutorials that I wish existed when I was starting out. I focus on picking out the fundamental basics, and teach them through visual, step-by-step training videos that put extra emphasis on catering to a beginner’s situation.


Here are some quick ways you can get started with FM Beginner.

Quick Start Mini Course

New to FileMaker? Great! This free, 3-day mini course will give you a quick tour through the most important areas in FileMaker that you will likely use in every project. At the end of the course, you will have the perfect foundation to learn everything else within FileMaker platform.



The FileMaker Beginner Youtube channel posts free training videos to help beginners and intermediate users learn about the different practical features and techniques of FileMaker. Subscribe to get regular updates along with our 9000+ subscribers.


Email Newsletter

While the video content shows you HOW to work with FileMaker, this email series focus on WHAT you can build to leverage an automated database for your work or business.

In the newsletter, I share real life case studies, disclosing the wins and failures through my years as a FileMaker developer, and reflect the lesson that I learn from it.