It felt like everyone else had a phD in programming, while I was stuck just trying to create a simple FileMaker database.

Back in 2013, I was a junior factory manger who is stuck with excel paperwork, I had to spend 2 hours a day trying to double entry data from a physical paper into computer, and then try to battle with excel cell formatting to create a inventory report.

When I first learn about FileMaker, I was instantly hook by its potential to build custom app to automate my own specific work.

But learning FileMaker was not easy.

Every tutorial I found seems to be written by people with a phD in programming, they like to talk about deep technical topics using jargon I don’t understand at all.

And on the rare occasion when I found a beginner tutorial. The tutor, who is likely also 10+ years in experience, tends to skip through important step as if those are common sense that doesn’t need mentioning.

With a software of 30 years history, its incredibly frustrating for a beginner to not be able to find resource that empathise with a new comer and explain simple things in simple terms.

I had to learn it the hard way. Through the process of trial and error.

I spent countless hours of my off work time trying to get my hands on every sample I can get, and try to reverse engineer how people do simple things. It was grind process that contains a lot of frustration.

But I know it was all worth it, when I finally master the basics and created my first custom app.

It was a simple inventory tracking app that can be used on an iPad. It’s definitely not a sophisticated system, but it was just good enough to help me save an hour of work a day because workers now enter data directly into the iPad, without need me to double entry them into the computer.

From there, I kept on creating other mini systems that is tailored to automate my work. Eventually I was spending more time during the day developing new automation than working the spread sheet.

Fast forward to now, I am a much more experienced FileMaker developer. And I wanted to help make FileMaker more accessible to beginners, teaching all the simple basics that other overlooked. Tutorials that me in 2013 would absolutely love to have.

Hopefully it can help you, as a non-programmer FileMaker beginner, to get something out of this amazing software as well and start automating your work.