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Want to build database & automate your workflow?

FileMaker is likely one of the best software in the market right now to build custom database app.

It’s low-code platform is great at helping business user automate their workflow quickly, without needing to spend a lifetime trying to learn complex programming.

...but getting started can feel overwhelming

With so many features and possibilities packed into this software. Beginners can often feel overwhelmed when they first get started.

- Where should I begin?
- What feature is important? What feature is not?
- How do I get my skill to the practical level quickly?

These questions can often make the initial journey feels more difficult than it needs to be.

Truth is, you don’t have to learn everything

Although there are so many features in FileMaker, some features are way more important than others.

In most case, you only really need to understand two things to be effective:

  1. The 4 core elements of FileMaker
  2. About 20 common techniques to combine the elements together to solve problems.

As a professional FileMaker developer, 95% of my projects are just a mix and match of these same old core techniques, applied to different situation.

Good news is, once you master these fundamental cores, learning everything else in FileMaker will become much easier too.

And in this course, I want to help you cut through the noise, so that you can learn all the FileMaker essentials quickly, with laser focus.



Is this your first time learning FileMaker?

...or is this your fifth time in the last 6 years trying to understand it?

For a beginner, learning FileMaker can feel overwhelming. It is one thing to creating a single layout, drag some fields in it, and make a pretty demo. But it’s a different story when you are trying to build a relational database with script automations for practical use. 

There are so many features in FileMaker

And often time beginners are just not equipped with the knowledge to know what is the most important thing to learn, and where is the right place to start.

Some knowledge needs to be built on top of another knowledge, and if you learn in the wrong sequence. It can be hard to understand. For example, if you don't know calculation, you will have a hard time scripting.

But you don’t have to learn everything

As a developer for years, there are a set of core techniques in FileMaker I used in 95% of my project. In most case, I am just mixing and matching them base on different situation.

Once you master these core techniques, not only will you be able to build practical database quickly, anything else you learn in FileMaker will become easy to be absorbed into your knowledge as well.


FileMaker DIY Automator Course

Learn FileMaker,

The Easy Way.

No More Guessing

Learn the essential cores of FileMaker in a progressive, step by step manner.

Learn By Action

Practice your skills with actionable exercise files and laser focus on mastering one technique at a time.

Business Practical

Business practical examples that you can easily apply and use in your own database projects.

What's Inside


Learn the 4 Core Areas of FileMaker & How to Combine Them Together.

Step by step training to guide you through the process.


Learn the basic building block of FileMaker, tables and layouts.

  • Table & field types
  • Serial numbers
  • Modes, views
  • Layout parts
  • Summarising data
  • Common layout example


Learn how to write calculation formulas in FileMaker to automate simple logic and calculations.

  • Calculation syntax
  • Merging text
  • Conditional statement
  • Common Functions


Learn how to structure database relationship and work with related data in FileMaker.

  • Setting up portals
  • One to many relationship
  • Many to many relationship
  • Table occurrence
  • Developer relationship tricks
  • Relationship diagram best practice


Learn the automation power tool of FileMaker.

  • How to write script
  • Logic branch
  • Receiving user input
  • Handling repetitive action
  • Handling large amount of data
  • Generating documents & emails
  • Common developer script patterns

Real Life Database

Combine the 4 core areas listed above to create complete real life invoice database with multiple modules that work together cohesively.

  • Storing customer information
  • Creating and sending invoice
  • Tracking inventory
  • Sales report
  • Interactive logic between Modules
  • Building reports & document
  • Building dashboard
  • Security setting

From the instructor: 

What is a DIY Automator?

In 2013, I was a junior factory manager in Hong Kong who were stuck with repetitive excel data work. I remember having to spend hours each day trying to wrestle with excel cells and formula.

When I first heard about FileMaker, I was hooked. I was amazed by its database building capability, thinking it might be the solution to my headache.

It didn’t take long for me to realize learning it was more difficult than I thought. At the time, it was incredibly difficult to find beginner-friendly resources. I had to crawl through tons of tutorials that are made by experts who forget what it is like to be a beginner.

A lot of existing tutorials are either speaking in technical jargons, or they are paced way too fast and skipping a lot of important steps.

After months of trial and error, I happen to stumble across learning all the core knowledge of FileMaker. And I finally clicked.

It was a big moment that changed my life forever. And I was able to use that knowledge to build my first database. The database was able to help me streamline my original excel process, saving me hours each day.

It gave me a huge boost of confidence. From there I started automating everything else within the factory, and soon after the whole operation was running smoothly like a clockwork with FileMaker database I made.

This is the point in time when I would consider myself a FileMaker DIY Automator.

At the time, I was definitely not a FileMaker wizard, but I was "good enough to be dangerous". I can build custom apps to control my data workload, instead of letting my data control me.

This course is the culmination of everything I learn during that initial period. It is the material I wish I had when I first started, which could have cut my learning curve from months to weeks.

It is my hope that it can help you too, to become a FileMaker DIY Automator so that you can start building DIY database and automate your work.

Sunny Chu

Professional FileMaker developer and creator of the FileMaker Beginner Youtube channel, with over 8,000 subscribers, and its videos being watched 500,000 times globally.

Who's this for:

Beginner Who Wants to Create FileMaker Database, Without Needing Developer Help.

If you want to learn FileMaker and automate workflow, you’re in the right place. This course was specifically made for you to become comfortable and confident creating your own DIY database.

  • Business Owner
  • Freelancer
  • In House IT Person
  • Aspiring FileMaker Developer



See What Other Have to Say

Previous students had already jumpstart their FileMaker skill with this course

I wasn't happy with commercial softwares for small business lawyers. I needed one "from lawyer to lawyer" that was custom made for my needs. With this excellent course and help of the GURU Sunny I was able to make really good application for my needs.

Jyrki Jokinen

If you want to have a systematical understanding of how FileMaker can be used to automate your business operations,increase efficiency and save costs, this course is all and exactly what you need.

Austin Wu
Startup Operation Director

The step by step course builds on my previous understanding of every chapter, helps me to understand how to solve problems with ease. Most importantly, the course is structured such that you can easily understand what the instructor is taking you through.

Osbert Vulor
Recently FileMaker Developer

The video method and the exercises used are really useful to get the expected skills. Sunny also helped to me a lot with my first project and now can say that I am working in my second one thanks to the course.

Daniel Gutiérrez
Industrial Engineer

FileMaker DIY Automator

Master the fundamentals of FileMaker to build custom app and automate your workflow


What's Inside

  • 30+ Hours training videos
  • 40+ bite size exercise files
  • Lifetime update
  • 1 year access to Q&A group
  • 30 days money back guaranteed

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